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Accept Every Opportunity, Until You Shouldn’t


NPR Creative Director Liz Danzico shares her wisdom for both new and veteran creatives in her interview with The Great Discontent. Danzico explains why, if you’re just starting out, you should say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. While, if you’re older, learn when to say no. But we’re not talking about age here:

I don’t mean younger in age, but as a step in your profession. Accept every invitation and meet every person: you never know what opportunity could be at that event you were invited to. Go, meet people, put yourself out there. After you’ve done that, and have flooded the area, then you have to learn how to close the flood gate and focus. The easy part is opening it up, but closing it is very difficult and probably a lifelong skill.

As Danzico explains in her interview: when you’re just starting out you’re at the bottom of everything going on. When you’re at the bottom you need every opportunity you can to climb higher. Each opportunity opens new doors, builds your experiences, and can help create new connections. But as you grow in your career, you need to instead focus on producing quality work. More opportunities later in your career can hinder, rather than improve, your ability to do focused work.