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But that’s how we’ve always done it!


Think back to the last meeting you had about your recruitment marketing. I’ll bet you don’t have to think to hard to remember the last time you heard someone say “…but that’s how we’ve always done it”, right? It happens in all industries but it seems to be most prevalent in higher ed.
The notion of “well, when it comes to marketing, what we did last year seemed to work so let’s just do the same thing again” rears its ugly heard more than we would like. Frustrating, no? But, even worse, most people seem to be aware that they are doing it, yet, they can’t seem to get out from under it.

So, the question is, how have you dealt with that situation? How have you been able to make changes to your marketing mix? Have you seen positive changes with integrating new forms of media, or new ways to communicate with the segments of your population?