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Public Relations partnership


ICYMI: Mfa Public Relations announces partnership with Drummond St. Strategy. This will enable both agencies to continue to offer the best-of-the-best services to our valuable clients. 

Thanks to our friends at Bulldog Reporter for the story!

Building upon more than 21 years of unmatched client success, Mfa Ltd. announces a partnership with digitally focused agency, Drummond St. Strategy.

The partnership springs from a year of collaboration between the like-minded agencies. Over the past two decades, Mfa has created change, launched brands, given life to cultural movements, reshaped public perception and increased traffic and sales for brands, organizations and people. Partnering with Drummond St. Strategy offers the agency’s partners across the worlds of consumer products, travel, social good, culinary, sports and wellness a sharper digital toolbox and even deeper suite of in-house social media services.

Drummond St. Strategy is a tactical marketing agency, driven by data, with a focus on communicating via social and digital channels. Full-service capabilities include analysis, content creation, paid programming, website and app development, SEO, design and platform management.