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Step back, students.

Now, it’s time for the teachers to take a turn. Social media, long thought to be something The Olds adults can’t handle, is moving from the realm of the students into the realm of the teachers. The EduDemic blog has a posting of “The Ultimate Guide Teacher’s Guide to Social Media” and it goes waaaaaay […]

Great news for Columbia’s future!

Columbia University has long been trying to expand northward into a 17-acre portion of land known as Manhattanville. However, several residents have been refusing to sell. But today New York’s top court ruled that a state development agencyhas the right to use eminent domain to claim the property. This has been a land-grab not free […]

Grades go up. Not because of hard work, though.

Grade inflation. That’s when a college or university awards higher grades than the student has earned and deserves. The fact that it exists is bad enough. But the fact that it’s now standard practice as part of a university’s strategy to stay competitive? That’s reprehensible. Next month, Loyola Law School in Los Angeles will raise […]

Augmented reality comes to the campus map

Very cool technology – augmented reality – has made its way onto college campuses. Makes perfect sense. Since the campus visit is still the #1 way to seal the deal, why not make it as dynamic as it can be?

Need a job? Get trained and do it fast.

With unemployment at a record high, it’s a natural to turn to education to help strengthen the skills of the unemployed workers to make them employable again. However, two higher-ed experts (Jamie P. Merisotis, president of the Lumina Foundation for Education, and Stan Jones, president of Complete College America) argue that academia isn’t prepared to […]

A,B,C,D, F…where’s the E?

I never really thought about it, but how come there are grades for A,B,C,D and F but no E? After a quick Google search, it turns out the answer is fairly straightforward: A,B,C and D are the only real grades. F isn’t a grade but rather it just stands for FAIL. Mystery solved. I’ve heard […]

Finally! Outdoor advertising gets its metrics

You’ve heard me say it before (OK, you’ve read it when I’ve typed it before, but anyway…) if you can’t track and measure it, don’t do it. Metrics are so important to prove the effectiveness of any marketing campaign – metrics show you what is working (so do more of it!) what isn’t working (so […]

B-schools need to adapt to new marketing strategies

If you are responsible for marketing an MBA program – listen up. The economy is down. Unemployment rates are at the worst they’ve been in the past 60 years. An MBA degree can cost $100,000 up to $300,000. Why should candidates – qualified or not – still pay the tuition at your school when your […]