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Want to have a great day?

If you want to have a great day, don’t start it by cleaning the vent fan about your stove top. And I don’t want to hear about “Oh, but it must feel great to have it be clean” or “Isn’t it nice to accomplish something like that?” because no and no. It’s just gross. Now, […]


New beginnings are both exciting and scary. It’s up to us which we let guide us.

The greatest pranks in MIT’s history

Sometimes, we in higher ed can get caught up in lofty thoughts of changing the world by impacting the lives of future generations. And, sometimes, we’re reminded to not take ourselves all that seriously. Check out the greatest pranks in MIT’s history. Which one is your favorite? I’m partial to the pumpkin.  

The Devil You Know…

  Anyone who knows @tressiemcphd will not be shocked by this statement: she is smart, brassy, highly educated and not afraid to tell you what’s on her mind. Her latest blog post brings to light what we know about for-profit colleges (and what we don’t know) and asks the question: is the Devil you know […]

The dubious use of entrance exams at for-profits

  The debate about how accurately standardized test predict a student’s academic success is ongoing. And probably always will be. In fact, many school have now moved away from the ubiquitous SAT/ACT as an admissions requirement altogether. But the entrance exam used by many for-profits? That isn’t up for debate. Something ain’t right.