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Google to encrypt all keywords

For those of you who, like me, consume data for breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to base strategic recommendations on factual trends – well, sorry, kiddo, today just ain’t our day.  Google is going to begin encrypting keywords that people use to find your site. Meaning that, from now on, any organic searches will […]

Tweet like a food truck

We all swoon for food trucks. Superbly creative twists on classic foods, hyper-local ingredients, immediate convenience…what’s not to love? And now these denizens of deliciousness feed more than your stomach – they fill up your brain, too.

Pin. Pack. Go.

It’s no secret, I’m not aPinterest fan. If you’re not swapping recipes or planning how to best look like a princess on your wedding day, I can’t figure out the use.  Until now. 

What NOT to say in a presentation

I don’t think I’ve ever been guilty of saying any of these 10 Things You Should Never Say During a Presentation. Well, I could tell you a story but, don’t worry, I’ll keep it short.