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Spending your holidays with digital strategy


When you imagine the perfect winter holiday scene, you might not conjure up images of digital strategy. But here are three reasons why, in addition to sugar cookies and a roaring fire, you should cozy up to your digital strategy this holiday season.

1. Your digital strategy can be (and should be!) customized


Everything is customizable – as evidenced by these amazingly customized Nike sneakers courtesy of Digitalux (AKA the best Christmas present ever!). Your target audiences want customized content that is relevant to them. Your digital strategy should incorporate best practices to serve the right content, to the right person, at the right time. Use technology to take advantage of market segmentation and be present and relevant in your customers’ lives.


2. Everything can be tracked, measured and adjusted


The best campaigns are based on research, data and strategy. That is a known fact. But what some digital strategy companies don’t like to talk about is that marketing campaigns, by their very nature, have an expiration date.

Human beings grow and change every single day. Your digital strategy must, as well. It is important to analyze campaign data such as Google Analytics, email clickthroughs and open rates, etc. on a daily basis. Over time, you will see trends of what is working and, more importantly, what is NOT working. Then, you can adapt your strategy and make informed changes to continually evolve the success of your campaign.


3. The digital world never takes time off


Social media usage increases greatly over the holidays when people have time away from the office. Also, spending time with friends, family and food means that there is so much more content to share! Your business’ digital campaigns should be primed and ready – when your target audience is more active, your brand should be, too. Of course, remember to be respectful of the tone of the holiday season.