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All that’s old is new again


Can an old marketing strategy breath new life into a new (yet old) product?

This week, Pepsi launched a new line of sodas that are a inspired by the year 1893 – the year the company was founded. According to, the soda category is newly on fire and has become increasingly competitive in the last few years.

This new offering from Pepsi is looking to capitalize on the growing trend of consumers who want to know the source of the ingredients for anything they eat or drink.The soda company’s new 1893 Original Cola and 1893 Ginger Cola will appeal to this target demographic by using natural, sustainable ingredients include kola nut extract, certified fair trade sugar, and sparkling water.

Pepsi’s latest marketing strategy looks to the past in order to fuel the future. Will this pivot help in a hyper-competitive marketplace to differentiate Pepsi from it’s processed, sugar-laden image?

Now consider your own business. Are there stories from its founding or original owners? Any early struggles that had to be overcome? Any funny anecdotes about the owners? I’m betting the answer is “yes” to those questions. And that is exactly the type of content you should leverage!

Here at Drummond St. Strategy, we were founded by James Runkle with a set of principles and values that have remained constant in everything we do. When brainstorming new ideas for clients (marketing initiatives, social media campaigns, digital advertising launches, etc) we consistently think back to the beginning of the company to ensure it gets the “Drummond St. treatment”.

Referencing about your company’s founding, even if it was only a few years ago, creates a sense of history and gives a unique connection to your business that no other company can claim. When thinking about your next blog post, or even your next advertising initiative, make the past part of your future marketing strategy.