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How to plan and implement your communications strategy


4 simple steps to ensure a successful communications strategy.


Do your research. Know your target audience and put yourself in their mindset. Whether through primary research, focus groups or internal SWOT analysis (there are so many tools you can use) create your unique plan to reach your objectives.


The plan is important but it’s nothing without action…so get to work! Whether it is creating new designs, launching digital advertising or reaching out to media with a public relations initiative, make it a priority to spend the time (and money) necessary to put your plan into action.


Track your actions and constantly monitor everything to see how it is performing. Google analytics is a remarkably powerful tool – take advantage of the reporting and insights. One word of caution: don’t jump to any conclusions too quickly. Give the plan at least 8-12 weeks so you identify trends.


Now that you have the data and knowledge to back up your decisions, go make them happen! Execute that parts of your plan that you know work and, more importantly, stop spending your time and money on the parts that didn’t work out in your favor.