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The Brand Color Swap

Would your favorite brands be so iconic if it weren’t for the logo design? It’s interesting to see them from a different perspective! 

Google drops support for IE9

If you’re not a programmer, or you don’t work with any, then this won’t mean anything to you. But if you hear a next door neighbor, for example, joyfully shouting from the rooftops, you’ll know what he does for a living.  Read more about how Google has dropped support of IE9.  

30 of the best Android apps

If you’re like me, you’re a fan of your Android phone but also sick and tired of apps that are for iPhone only. Rejoice! Android apps are catching up to the style and sophistication of their Apple counterparts. Scan through this list of 30 apps and I’m sure you’ll agree.

“Innovation” we don’t need.

You know me. I’m all about discovering what’s new and seeing how we can improve the status quo. But some innovation we don’t need.  To prove my point: allow me to introduce Kentucky Fried Chicken’s new “Go Cups“. If you haven’t yet encountered this, allow me to summarize.  KFC has a new product that takes […]

Ghost is the new WordPress

If you’re like me, you love WordPress but need someone else to help configure the modules and set up the foundation of it. No more! The platform “Ghost” (aptly named for this time of year) has just opened itself to the public. It’s built specifically for bloggers who want to write, not code.  Sign up […]

Strategy Formulation

The word “strategy” is one of those esoteric concepts that often gets lauded as THE most important, key component to a business’ success.  However, “strategy” is also a word that is often misunderstood when it comes to the practical application. How does one “do” strategy, after all? A very thin line separates “operational” from “strategic” […]

9 Ways to Spark a Breakthrough

The work week may be wrapping up but that doesn’t mean you can’t still push the boundaries and create a breakthrough.  Via The Huffington Post comes an article about 9 ways to spark a breakthrough – which ones speak to you? Personally, I like:  8. Cultivate Wonder “Many of the world’s inventions don’t come from […]