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Happy Friday!

You made it through the week! Do something nice for yourself. For me, it’s drinking out of my favorite mug. Sure, it might not be the right time of year for a pumpkin mug but, hey, it makes me happy!

Chill, creatively.

Not sure if you’ve heard, but it’s pretty cold in most parts of the US. How do our neighbors to the North deal with it? The get creative!  

Swing and a miss.

Can’t you just see the group of marketing executives sitting around the table? “I know, this will be great, let’s feature our product in the hero shot superimposed over iconic, relevant, engaging imagery.”

Auto-responses to social media

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. Things to buy, cookies to bake, gifts to wrap…tweets to be retweeted. This year, will automatically respond to social media interactions on Twitter and Facebook. You just connect your account and then set the start and end dates. That’s it! You’re relaxing with your family, […]

Customized videos, done correctly

Everyone hates those pre-roll ads that you have to watch before you get to the main action on Hulu, YouTube, etc. This holiday season, Burger King has cleverly found a way to run their commercials while still poking a little fun. This is a classic case of effective content meets effective technology. Each pre-roll ad […]