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Open Source CMS vs. Commercial License

More and more as a marketing/development partner to companies both inside and outside of Academia, we are seeing a shift towards the acceptance of open source solutions for website applications both large and small. The largest of course being a Content Management System. We have worked with both and often recommend systems like Drupal, Joomla! […]

But that’s how we’ve always done it!

Think back to the last meeting you had about your recruitment marketing. I’ll bet you don’t have to think to hard to remember the last time you heard someone say “…but that’s how we’ve always done it”, right? It happens in all industries but it seems to be most prevalent in higher ed. The notion […]

Sharing classroom lectures online: “beneficial” or “beware”?

The latest Campus Computing study, which gathers data on classroom technology nationwide, found that 28% of colleges already have a strategic plan to record and post lectures online. Another 35% more are working on a plan. With more and more classrooms being equipped with microphones, video cameras and editing equipment, is this the wave of […]