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Facebook Dating…For College Roommates

It is amazing how Facebook has changed the college enrollment game. The social networking platform, originally begun as a Higher Ed networking system for college students in the U.S., has blossomed into a worldwide multi-age, multi-school, multi-professional, multi-addicting tycoon. To think…you used to have to wait to get your official school email address to sign up for […]

Outsourcing academia?

It makes sense, when you think about it, but it still seems odd at first. Colleges have begun to outsource the grading of students’ papers, exams, etc. I mean, everything else is being outsourced, so why not this, right? Technology makes it easy to share information. Expertise in subject matter can be found in lots […]

Facebook by the numbers

Thinking about diving in to the world of social media advertising? Or, are you already swimming around in the deep end? Either way, check out this great breakdown of Facebook user demographics.

“No Child Left Behind”…sounds good, right?

“No Child Left Behind” received overwhelming bipartisan support when it was signed into law by President Bush in 2002. The law requires that schools test all students every year in grades three through eight, and report their scores separately by race, ethnicity, low-income status, disability status and limited-English proficiency. NCLB mandated that 100% of students […]

Obama reaffirms support for community colleges

OK, OK, so maybe the student-loan bill didn’t deliver as much as originally hoped, but the positive impact this is going to have on community colleges can’t be denied. President Obama called the student lending overhaul “one of the most significant investments in higher education since the GI Bill.” He went on to say that […]

iPads, iPads, iPads for ALL!

Seton Hill University is the first (or, at least the first that I’ve seen) to give all its students – each and every one – an iPad. Their goal is to “provide students with the best in technology and collaborative learning tools, ensuring that Seton Hill students will be uniquely suited to whatever careers they […]

Is it time to take Facebook advertising seriously?

Should you seriously consider advertising on Facebook? It could be possible that Facebook advertising isn’t just for smaller, less-prestigious brands anymore. Facebook recently overtook Google as the most visited site. Facebook fans are loyal – the large majority visit it twice a day, each and every day. A large percent of that population visit Facebook […]

Restructuring the student loan system: from private to public

Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved an overhaul of the student loan industry, eliminating a private student-loan system with government subsidies and replacing it with a new system which provides for government distributing loans directly to students. By getting rid of the middle man, the CBO estimates this new bill will save $61 billion over […]

Overhauling the student-loan system

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports today that Congress has reached their final agreement, after months of negotiations, to overhaul the government’s student-loan system. This legislation would have the Education Department giving loan money directly to colleges and their students instead of the current system of using bank-based loans. But naturally, the private lenders, which […]

$103,333 per second!

That’s how much advertisers paid per second to have a commercial air during the Superbowl. One hundred and three thousand three-hundred and thirty three dollars. Per second! That’s a lot of money. But it’s totally worth it to reach so many consumers, right? I’m sure every advertiser has their own way to measure success of […]