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Capital campaigns go online…

In Admissions, we’re used to sending emails instead of direct mail and holding online open houses instead of always doing in-person events. All in the omnipresent pursuit of doing more with smaller budgets. Now, Binghamton University is applying that same practice to its new capital campaign. Their thinking: why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars […]

Think advertising on Facebook is ‘beneath’ you?

Have you heard it before? “We don’t advertise on Facebook. That’s just not the sort of thing (puts nose in air) that weeeee do.” Time to revisit that conversation. Virtue, a company that manages over 45 million Facebook fans for a variety of companies, has compiled data that shows how each fan of a company […]

Banning social media?

Just yesterday, I heard from a friend (that I used to work with) that his company is banning access to certain sites – Twitter, IM, things like that. The theory, of course, is that people spend too much time ‘playing around’ on social media and that equals a loss in productivity. But now, just this […]

The SUNY system steps it up!

As a native New Yorker (the state, I mean…not the city) I grew up in the NY school system, AP exams, Regents and all. While I didn’t attend a SUNY school, naturally many of my friends did.  So, it’s does my ol’ Central New York heart good to see the news that the SUNY system […]

Are The Ivies worth it?

Has anyone else seen Neil Parmar’s article in SmartMoney titled “Why the Ivies aren’t worth it”? Great stuff. In this study, they looked at what graduates from 50 of the most expensive 4 year colleges earn in their early and midcareers. Then factored in their up-front tuition and fees. The result is a new kind […]

Tiny URLs? Boooring.

Check it out. In an age of abbreviations like “brb” and “lol” and Tweets with a max of 140 characters, a Swedish radio station needed a campaign to announce their full (long) name, but in a way that would be fun and memorable.  Their agency came up with this: a web address expander. Put in […]