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Collaboration is key

When NAFTA took effect in 1994, many universities hoped to see not just parts and labor moving across borders but also thoughts and ideas. However, more than a decade and a half later, that dream still isn’t a reality. So the question is: how much does your university collaborate with institutions about the US? Are […]

Are you contributing to your school’s bottom line?

According to a new study, over one-third (39%) of business and marketing executives surveyed saymarketing is good at improving its financial contribution to the business, up from the 19% who said so a year earlier. Also, 80% of CEO’s recognized that their marketing departments were contributing directly to revenue. Encouraging numbers! But, still just numbers.Over […]

Rutgers offers iPad business courses

Talk about cutting-edge education. Rutgers is partnering with Apple ‘s higher education team to offer courses that revolve around the iPad. But it’s not about software development, like you might think. It’s a business course (the pilot will last one week) and it awards credits that can be counted towards the Rutgers MBA. With new […]

Gen Xers + Millennials = GenMix? Really?

Attention admissions departments! There is a new demographic to worry about! Who (or what?) is Gen Mix? According to the report by VH1 Strategic Insights and Research group: “Gen Mix straddles the line between Millennials and Gen Xers. They acquire their sense of optimism and self-confidence from Millennials, and their strong sense of self and […]

Bad writing = bad thinking

This may not be the appropriate place for me to gush, but, I’m in love. Rachel Toor is my new favorite person on the planet. I just finished reading her article in The Chronicle entitled “Bad Writing and Bad Thinking“. She writes of a recent experience she had talking to a graduate class in physical […]

Community Colleges have to deliver on President’s promise

President Obama wants five million more people to graduate over the next decade with Associate’s degrees. This week, Community Colleges are meeting to figure out exactly how that can be done. At the American Association of Community Colleges’ annual meeting being held this week in Seattle, many of the sessions (not surprisingly) are focusing on […]

The Trustworthiness of beards

Fun article in the Chronicle that I saw today…it’s about how people with beards are deemed more trustworthy than those men who are clean-shaven. And, you know? I think I agree. Many religous figures have beards (Confucius, Jesus, even Greek Gods Zeus and Poseidon). Famous statesmen? Check. (Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant) Great thinkers have […]

When budget cuts can HELP academia…

President Obama’s recent budget cuts for NASA programs, on the surface, don’t seem like a good thing. But, actually, they could be a boon for research universities throughout the country. He has been urging Congress in recent weeks to spend less of NASA’s budget on human spaceflight projects and, instead, move toward financing commercial ventures […]