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How to get more students

Recruiting new students. It’s your life. Outside of academia, it’s called “lead generation” or “lead gen” for short. And there are lessons you can learn from it. So, how is the lead gen outlook shaping up? And how will it inform your marketing strategy to recruit new students? Over two-thirds of high-tech marketing professionals (68%) […]

Isn’t the admissions essay bad enough?

The traditional welcome packet, replete with tri-fold brochures about campus safety, has a new addition this year: a cotton swab. Now, colleges are asking for their students’ DNA sample. At UC Berkeley, administrators are asking student to (voluntarily) provide samples of their DNA. The cotton swabs will come with two bar code labels. One label […]

You + college = $$$

You often hear that college is overrated. A recent article in the New York Times laid out the case. But, don’t pack your duffel bag for that backpacking trip through Europe just yet. You want to earn the big bucks? Go to college. The anti-education argument is this: “It is true that we need more […]

Time for you to Manage Up

It’s a friggin’ outtacontrol busy time of year. But it’s the perfect time to embrace the practice of “managing up”. Just wait a minute, though. I can hear you now “do you even know how busy it’s been with commencement and trying to get meetings with faculty before they leave for the summer? Why would […]

Diplomas are great but how about a job?

Ever since the Millennials hit us big time there has been a switch from “hey, look at me, I got into college!” to “what kind of job will I get if I go to this school?” and because of that we’re beginning to retool our Office of Career Services. Right now, it’s more a place […]

I’ve heard it all before…

Attention all copywriters for print or web: watch your use of cliches. A study recently put together a list of the most stilted, hackneyed, overused sayings. Take a look…recognize any from your prospectus or homepage?

Eyeball shots

Every university in the country is going – or just has gone – through Senior Week. Anyone out there hear about this? A new trend of doing vodka shots through your eyeball – yeah, through your eyeball – in order to get that tipsy feeling faster. Maybe it’s just a British thing? Or is this […]

Yikes! Our commencement is not what we planned it to be.

Just wanted to share this…anyone else out there have a commencement that the kids don’t like? Our school newspaper reported about a group of students planning to protest the Commencement speaker (Mr. Jamie Dimon, Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan Chase & Co.). Students don’t fell it’s appropriate to celebrate the banking industry right now…… […]