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Cheese or font?

For any designer types out there in Academic Oatmeal land, this game is for you! It shows you a word, and you have to choose is that word is the name of a cheese or the name of a font. C’mon, it’s Friday. Take a minute and play!

Let’s get learning, people.

A recent infographic in The Chronicle clearly illustrates the need for more college graduates in the United States. Only two places – Massachusetts and Washington, DC – have more college graduates than non-college graduates. President Obama’s goal that “by 2020, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world” is […]

Anyone going to be in Boston today/tomorrow?

I’m speaking at a conference tomorrow in Boston…anyone else going to be there? It’s an educational conference focused on improving your college’s website to attract and recruit more international students. Because the conference is organized by the US Department of Commerce, there is a really cool mix of academicians and business people, from around the […]

NYU gets real with the costs of college

Good for NYU. They’re getting real. NYU – and their hefty price tag – has been in the news lately, and not in a good way. Now, Randall C. Deike, the university’s vice president for enrollment management, is honestly addressing the issue. Basically: A) NYU is not for everyone. B) NYU is expensive. You have […]

Is the education bubble about to burst?

Uh oh. I saw this article about how the ‘education bubble’ is going to burst soon. At first I thought, no way. But then I read the comparisons of the education bubble to the housing market bubble and, dang. Wow. I’m nervous now.

Dogs in dorms.

I’ve written before about how the Millennials are in for an unpleasant surprise when they get into the real world. But, not so much if they attend Stephens College, MIT, SUNY Canton, Eckerd College or Washington & Jefferson College. To make the “transition” easier, these colleges are now allowing students to have dogs in their […]

Social Media is #1 in generating leads

More than ever, marketers are turning to social media to find new customers, AKA students, according to a recent study. 66% of marketers cited lead generation as their number 1 concern for the upcoming year and they are turning to social media to make it happen. How about you? What’s your social media strategy? Do […]

What your school can learn from money managers

Fascinating stuff. Forbes has an article about how certain schools are operating more like and information-driven company than a run-of-the-mill school. Just like the hedge fund you’re invested in, these schools are using data to analyze and adapt – doing more of what works and cutting what doesn’t. Read it. And think: what would you […]

Some things never change

Remember the dancing baby that took the world by storm? Mid-90’s, I think. Anyway, it appears that it’s still around. It’s my birthday and I got an e-card from a friend. Not through Facebook. Not a Tweet. But an email, with a link to an online card, or some such thing. Anyway, it […]