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Facebook Makes it Easier for Developers to Let Advertisers Target Their Users

New feature for Facebook! Check out this article over at A Facebook spokesperson describes it, “This feature allows developers to give permission to specific advertiser accounts to advertise to their connections.  This is intended to let developers give access to other people within their own companies or their ad agency to advertiser their own […]

Anyone else going to eduWEB next week?

Good morning, campers! I’m getting pretty darn excited for the eduWEB conference in Chicago next week. Who else out there is going? I’m psyched to meet all the people. I cannot wait to present. And I’m hearing that there may be a little bit of time to have some fun, as well. What’s not to […]

Are you a brand champion?

Your school’s brand is more than a logo, a tagline and a color palette. It’s an experience. It’s the kind of paper your brochures are printed on. It’s how the person sounds answering the phone when a prospect calls. It’s how the parking lot looks when they come to visit. It’s not easy being a […]

Cheating and technology

Kids cheat on tests. It’s a fact of life at colleges and schools around the world. And not just on tests – the internet has made it so easy for students to Google, cut-and-paste their way through papers and reports. Sheesh, when I was a kid, if I wanted to plagarize, I had to at […]

Foursquare gets more entrenched in higher ed

We’ve previously talked here on Academic Oatmeal about how to use Foursquare in higher ed. Just saw this article that updates the discussion! Andrew Careaga does a good job of compiling a lot of useful information about how different colleges are using, or plan to use, Foursquare. Check it out and let me know what […]

Is tenure on the wrong track?

There has been much discussion lately about the tenure track for teachers, whether elementary, high school or college. With Obama’s Race to the Top initiative, “states leading the way on school reform will be eligible to compete for$4.35 billion in Race to the Top competitive grants to support education reform and innovation in classrooms”. And […]

NJ public schools are facing increased financial pressures

From the Chronicle comes this piece by Alexandra Tilsley on how hard hit universities in New Jersey are by the recent budget crunch. Excerpts are below or clickthrough for the full story. “High debt loads, limits on tuition, and a sharp reduction in state support could mean financial problems for New Jersey’s public universities, according […]

It’s all about the numbers.

Check out this cool video…it’s all about the numbers. It’s a beautiful short film demonstrating mathematical principles as they appear in nature. Recommended for: people who like neat animation, easy-to-understand math, and/or something to divert them on a day when not much else is happening online.

The worst sentence in America.

As people who work in higher education, we tend to be people who are…well…word nerds. We spend a lot of our time crafting the perfect copy for a brochure, the snappiest of taglines for a billboard, or the most satiating response to “why is your school so damn expensive???” Take heart. At least you’re hard […]