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James Runkle – the human behind the Oatmeal

Meeting fellow higher ed marketers at eduWEB was great. Besides just being nice people in general, they are a bunch of smartypants, I tell you what. One of the best pieces of advice I got was to be a human in social media, not an entity. In other words, hi! I’m James Runkle. The human […]

eduWEB gets all educational

Stuff I learned at the eduWEB conference in Chicago: 1. Higher ed is a great space to be in, as a marketer 2. I shouldn’t be tweeting and blogging as an entity (Academic Oatmeal) 3. I should be tweeting and blogging as me (James Runkle – hi! Nice to meet you.) 4. New social media […]

Tenure gets more tenuous

I’ve written before about the death of tenure and it looks like there is another nail in the coffin. The Chronicle launches another salvo (perhaps a bit too gleefully?) about waving goodbye to those overpaid professors.

Breakfast at eduWEB conference

Breakfast was great this morning! The Topic Tables were packed and I could hear snippets of conversations about social media, email marketing, CMS, networking, best practices…great stuff.

Look out, Chi-town, here I come!

It’s Sunday morning. Why I left packing for the last minute, I’ll never know. But, doesn’t matter, I’m still really excited to head out this afternoon to the eduWEB conference! If anyone is going to be there, let’s meet up! DM or @ message me on Twitter – @academicoatmeal.

Design the experience, not just the website

You spot her. There, across the room. Your pulse quickens and you make a bee line to go talk to her. You get a number, set a date, and show up at the restaurant. She is so beautiful you can’t believe how lucky you are to be there. And, she is so dull and boring […]

Another day, another iPad experiment

Add Oklahoma State and Indiana State to the list of colleges experimenting with giving students iPads. See? This is exactly what is so great about academia. The spirit of “let’s try it out and see what happens”. New technology shouldn’t be feared…it should be utilized. Test it out and figure out if it will work […]

The eduWEB conference is next week!

Hey! Sorry for the low amount of activity! I am gearing up for the eduWEB conference that starts on Monday. Today’s activity included 450 packets of individually wrapped oatmeal that are going to be part of the attendees’ welcome packets. So, who’s in? Will I get to meet any of you in person?

Academia and advertising…snifffff! Smells good!

I know you’ve head me say it before, but it bears repeating. Sure, your college is more revered than, say, Chips Ahoy cookies. And, yes, your degree offerings are worthy of way more respect than a Sham-Wow towel. And it doesn’t matter. The same kids that you are trying to attract with your images, writing […]