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The Great Starbucks Bagel Grammar Battle

I love a good grammar correction story as much as the next guy. But, maybe Lynne Rosenthal took it a bit too far? She walked into a Starbucks and ordered a multigrain bagel. When asked “With butter or cream cheese?”, Lynne went into a tizzy. “I just wanted a multigrain bagel,” Rosenthal told The Post. […]

Education, Entrepreneurship and saving the Economy

Over the weekend, I was reading Inc. Magazine. Anyone else familiar with it? It is the go-to publication for cutting-edge business, technology and marketing information. So, what does that have to do with higher-ed? Usually, not much. But today, everything. In their article on how to revitalize the American economy, Inc. puts forth a 16-point […]

Damaging data on loan repayment

The US Education Department has released the facts and figures it will use in the ever-simmering debate over regulating the for-profit sector using “gainful employment” rules. Check out the Inside Higher Ed blog post which presents (really well, I might add) both sides of the debate. Where do you stand?

The battle in Iran over Education

Nuclear proliferation in Iran isn’t the only issue we’re facing. Azad University is at the center of this battle between the Leader and the President of Iran. For many reasons, Azad University is a key asset to control for its people (it educates over 1 million students), its politics (it has traditionally been a safe […]

The dangers of social media monitoring

As colleges and universities get more heavily involved in social media, the next logical step (I hope it is, at least) is to monitor who mentions your school and what they are saying about it. And there are hundreds of software programs that will constantly scan the Internet and database all mentions of your school. […]

Kaplan suspends enrollment

Think you’re under pressure to deliver your enrollment numbers over the next few weeks? At least you’re not Kaplan, who has just suspended enrollment at two of their campuses! Undercover government agents posed as applicants and encountered admissions counselors who lied about the school’s accreditation and proctors who coached applicants on answers to the entry […]

Duquesne University employee: secret agent?

Laura Miller: admin assistant by day. Secret agent by night? Not exactly. But close! For the past few years, Laura Miller has been quietly starting a movement to provide random acts of kindness. And now, it’s grown to include a network of over 80 “Affiliated Agents” in the US and abroad. These random acts of […]

Poor Univ. of Georgia…

I had heard about the #UGAfail video, but I didn’t realize just how dark that looming cloud is over University of Georgia. PS Watch the video. It’s hilarious. Not intentionally, but in that “it is so bad that it’s good” kind of way.

Education in action

How many times have you heard “Colleges and universities only teach in the classroom. The real learning happens in real life.” Well, how about both? When temperatures soared over the past few weeks here in New York City, The Salvation Army turned to software developed by college students to monitor how many people came and […]