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For-Profit Colleges will disclose mountains of data today

By the end of the day, for-profit colleges will deliver more data to Congress for the on-going debate over for-profit recruiting tactics, financials and student outcomes. While this kind of data isn’t normally disclosed and could be damaging, it could also be helpful for the for-profit colleges. Most investors fear the worst so, if the […]

Ebonics translators wanted. No, really.

From “It might sound like a punch line, as “Ebonics” — the common name for what linguists call African-American English — has long been the butt of jokes, as well as the subject of controversy. But the agency is serious about needing nine people to translate conversations picked up on wiretaps during investigations, Special […]

We’re in…are you?

We here at Academic Oatmeal are excited! Why, you ask? (awww, thanks for caring, you’re sweet.) Academic Oatmeal is goin’ to Cincinnati for the 2010 HighEdWeb Conference! And we’re not just going as an attendee but we’re also going to be a sponsor of the event. As it turns out, our very own Cliff Jenkins […]

Hey, velcro parents, hit the road.

Just saw a great article (thanks again, Brett Essler) about how colleges and universities are formalizing the “see ya later, parents!” portion of the Freshman move-in experience. Morehouse College, in Atlanta, has a formal “Parting Ceremony” where speeches are made and then the Freshmen walk out of the building and through the main gates of […]

And…let the technology backlash begin!

Mark James, a visiting lecturer at the University of West Florida, declared his summer course in English literature technology-free—he skipped the PowerPoint slides and YouTube videos he usually shows, andhe asked students to silence their cellphones and close their laptops. Banishing the gear improved the course, he argues. “The students seemed more involved in the […]

Kids! Go to a real school!

Go. Just…go. To a real school. With a real campus. Get out of your parents’ house.…