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University of Phoenix keeps on payin’

As if the University of Phoenix television, print, online an doutdoor ads aren’t enough, they are now expanding into event sponsorships. Not unusual you say? Of course, event sponsorship has been a long-standing way for companies to get there name out there. It usually comes with an ad, a banner somewhere near the main entrance, […]

A college course on zombies?

This semester, students at the University of Baltimore are learning about sociology and literature a whole new way…through the study of zombies. In English 333, part of the Pop Culture minor, students will watch classic zombie films and read zombie comics. “Zombies are one of the most potent, direct reflections of what we’re thinking moment […]

When Twitter and a billboard meet…

Have you read Karine Joly’s interview with CSU? They have combined traditional media with social media – old with the new – by feeding a Twitter stream and displaying it on a billboard. Amazing idea! So, now, what do we call it? Social Outdoor? Twitterboard? Twit-ditional? Karine Joly interviews John Strubel, of Charleston Southern University, […]

Stamats finally speaks about their D+ Drake Campaign

Finally, after canceling their Twitterview on September 7th, Stamats comes forth with a defense of their D+ campaign. Clearly, this was written by their internal PR Department or maybe a Crisis Management firm. Either way, it doesn’t seem genuine. An immediate, frank discussion (even in 140 characters or less) would have proven they stand behind […]

What’s your college degree worth?

Remember Graduation? So young, you had the whole world out there…just waiting for you to conquer it. And why wouldn’t you? You had your college degree and that has to be worth something, right? Leave to the economists over at Business Week to take that youthful optimism and slap a numbered scale on it. By […]

Higher Ed: the next industry sector to crash?

In the 1950’s, with those three-martini lunches and cigar-smoke-filled conference rooms, the American car industry ruled the world. They came out with shiny, new models every year. They were massively big companies with unbelievable production processes. People loved them. Now, in the new millennium, American universities rule the world. They dominate global rankings. They employ […]

Don Draper’s college orientation

Ah, college orientation. Check out this video from College Humor. Right now, thousands of kids are going through Orientation ice-breakers just like this one. But for Don Draper? The only ice he breaks is the ice he puts in his scotch.

“Vulgar” Content

I’m working on a new way to explain our degree programs. I’ll get to the vulgar bit at the bottom. Let me tell give you the big picture, then I’ll explain what we’re doing. When I was in college for Graphic Design, during our junior year, my classmates started to say things like this: “They’re […]

New: Master’s in Branding

The School of Visual Arts in New York City is launching a Master’s degree in branding. What is that exactly? I’m glad you asked! From their website, the program will: -create frameworks to guide brand, design and business development -evaluate business, brand, marketing and design strategies -master the intellectual link between leadership and creativity “Master […]

For-profits triple their lobbying spend against “gainful employment” rule

Hey, for-profits…worried much? For months now, for-profit universities have fought a battle against the Education Department’s “gainful employment” rule, which would cut off federal student aid to programs whose graduates have high debt-to-income ratios and low loan-repayment rates. An article in the Chronicle today outlines the greatly increased spending that lobbyists representing for-profit colleges are […]