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Communication in Project Management

Project Management. Say it out loud. What do you think of? Spreadsheets? Gantt charts? Software packages that spit out charts and graphs? OK. Fair enough. But there is another side to project management.It’s the human side of it. The side that needs communication. The side that needs reassuring. The side that is thinking, “Man, if […]

The power of a network

They say you learn something new everyday. And while I actually knew about how powerful a network can be, I got a good reminder yesterday here at HighEdWeb 10. Cincinnati has never before seen a more dedicated, knowledgeable group of people who just “get it”, you know? Very much looking forward to day two of […]

What’s up, Cinci???

Let the games begin! Here in Cinci for HighEdWeb. Already met some great people that I’ve only known through Twitter up to this point.Can’t wait for three more days of awesome sauce. If you’re here, hit me up @jamesrunkle/

Countdown to HighEdWeb 2010

Can’t wait to meet all the great people at this year’s HighEdWeb in Cincinnati. Wow, what used to be weeks is now only hours until I leave for the conference. I’m excited for everything the conference has to offer – educational sessions, networking – but, let’s be honest…it’s all about the parties. This is my […]

Study hard, get a car. Horrible.

Have you heard about this story? Students at Manchester School of Technology can win a free car if they make the grade. Literally. If the student’s grades are high enough, they are entered into a raffle to win a free Ford Fiesta. Students who make the honor roll at the end of each quarter will […]

For profits are ramping up the intensity…

Great reporting by Jennifer Epstein over at Inside Higher Ed about the for profits are spending more and more money to influence policymakers in Washington. $5 – $10 millions dollars spend on advertising in only two weeks? Wow.

Social Media goes to College

Twitter Comes To The Classroom As part of a film theory course at Duke University, students use Twitter for homework assignments, tweeting their reactions to books and movies they read and watch outside of class. The Washington Post reports that it’s an emerging trend, with college professors using Twitter to keep discussions going long after […]

Admitulator Cracks the Code for College Admissions

Via our friends over at The old standby that killer test scores and a 4.7 GPA is a red carpet into any college in the world hardly abides nowadays. For better or for worse, colleges consider a swarm of additional factors: teacher recommendations, personal essays, extracurriculars, volunteer work, daddies in high places — you […]