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Kean University mixes it up – and causes controversy

Kean University’s President, Dawood Farahi, is causing some controversy. Since his arrival five years ago, enrollment is up 25%, new buildings have been built and the school grounds have never been better maintained. However, the changes he’s made don’t come without their detractors. At the heart of Mr. Farahi’s philosophy is this: “If you design […]

US News and World Report ditches the print

This Holiday Season, give the gift of the US News and World Report print edition. Because, after December, it will be a collector’s item. Starting in 2011, USN&WR will make the move to the digital world. While certain select topics will still be published in print (including the college and grad guides), the publication will […]

Colleges sell. Yes, it’s true.

The consumer decision making process for someone choosing a college is nearly psychologically identical to the decision making process of someone buying a car.

Study for your MBA on a Facebook App

Online education is a natural extension of the traditional classroom learning. And we’re all well aware (at least, I HOPE we all are) of how technology is going to continue to challenge and change the way education is delivered to students. But I don’t think any of us quite thought that it would be Facebook […]

What are you so scared of?

Nope, not a Halloween related post. It’s a story of inspiration. I was just reading this article about a businessman who started a Pepsi franchise in Romania. OK, I admit. Pepsi-Cola doesn’t exactly tug on the heartstrings. But check it out. January 1991. Only a year after the bloody revolution when the Eastern Bloc that […]

The state of college admissions

The new NACAC report has been released that proves what we’ve known for a while now…the economic downturn has affected the way students approach the admissions process. Students apply to more colleges and, even with a record number of high school grads in 2009, college yield rates declined to an average of 43%. The report […]

For-profits not so profitable anymore

The nation’s largest for-profit college is changing admission practices to satisfy new government regulations aimed at preventing students from leaving school with staggering debt they can’t repay, but the result may be that fewer lower-income students will gain entry to class. The number of lower-income students enrolled at for-profit colleges has surged in the past […]

Thanks, HighEdWeb!

Wow! What a great conference! I learned so much both in the seminars and at karaoke night…but no need to go into detail on that one… So, today, if you’re reading this post…think back to a conference you attended. I bet you left there with a burning idea…something you just couldn’t wait to implement. Well, […]