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Tufts University

Homepage: Interesting that there is no footer (especially given current trend for super-footers to house all the information)

How institutions are focusing efforts on international recruitment

Clearly The Chronicle is an avid reader of Academic Oatmeal (flattered, I’m sure). I just posted this article about how much revenue international students brings into the US and on the importance of colleges revisiting their international recruitment strategies. And, bam! Just hours later they post this information about how institutions are focusing their international […]

Time for a business-model shift for the for-profits

For-profits are waking up and smelling the coffee. After several years of undeserved record growth, enrollment is slowing at for-profit universities. This, coupled with a changing regulatory environment, is causing the for-profit sector to re-think their strategies and make some changes…and fast. One regulation, which is already scheduled to go into effect, will make it […]

Throw the (Face)book at ’em

Have you heard of this yet? Greenpeace posted a parody of a Kit Kat commercial to slam Nestle’s use of palm oil – not for the health aspects but rather because the farming of the oil destroys rainforests and the animals that live there. Bad news, sure. But it gets worse. When the protest was […]

Veterans Day survey: 300,000 use revamped GI Bill

Erin Hennessy heads up several important initiatives at the American Council on Education in Washington, DC. Her latest research tells us how the revamped GI Bill will impact our men and women in the military. It’s hugely informative and underscores what an important issue this is for us in the higher education arena. Also, be […]