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The best breakup anthems

Even if you’re not going through a breakup, you can’t deny a good ol’ anthem. Check out the top 10 best break up songs. Even if you’re happy, I bet you can’t help singing/shouting along.

Good advice.

Being in charge of client relations has taught me a lot of human nature and how to get along with people. Before you say something, think to yourself: is it true? is it kind? is it necessary? Then ask yourself: does it need to be said right now? does it need to be said by […]

Happy Star Wars Day

Today is May 4th. As in “May the Foutth” as in “May the Fourth be with you“. Whatever, you know me, any excuse to celebrate something. At least it’s an educational holiday, right?

Puma Dance Dictionary

Translate your messages into dance moves: I will be very interested to see how this tracks. The idea seems really cool. At first. Then I start to realize that the production values far outshine the actual creative concept. Will the public see through that? Or won’t they care? Only time (and sales revenue) will […]

McDonald’s…offering breakfast all day long?

Sorry, Morgan Spurlock. Say what you will, but I’ve worked on rolling out national projects with the folks at McDonald’s Corporation and, I have to say, they are a great group of people. Don’t believe me? How could anyone who offers breakfast all day long be bad? I’m lovin’ it.

A little creative inspiration

As you start to think about going back to work tomorrow (sorry) here is a little creative inspiration for you. I’m loving the Unicef advertising strategy – take a phenomenon which is culturally ingrained in society (in this case, Facebook likes) and turn it on its head. I’ve always been, and always will be, a […]