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What your marketing can learn from wine corks


Idea Decanter was founded to increase communication between customers and established winemakers in Oregon and Washington. Using a mix of social media, video and content marketing, Idea Decanter is helping brands reach and engage with their customers.

But they are doing it better than most. (Not better than YOU, dear reader, of course.) 

The goal: take a product that is traditionally marketed toward women and use it to market the company with a Father’s Day promotion.

The strategy – a tie made with wine corks.

This promotion has all the right elements and should be used to inspire you own marketing strategies. You can read the full story here but the main important components are:

  1. Creative idea. Make it fun. Different. Relevant to the brand, of course, but still unexpected.
  2. Use it to engage with your target audience. Run a contest. Use established social media outlets.
  3. Tell the back story. People love a ‘behind the scenes’ look at your company and the people who work there.
  4. Send a physical item when the promotion is over (in this case, the tie itself). This will help perpetuate the brand’s story when the recipient tells their friends, posts images,etc. You’ve just created a brand ambassador.

And a pretty stylish brand ambassador, at that.