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Study for your MBA on a Facebook App


Online education is a natural extension of the traditional classroom learning. And we’re all well aware (at least, I HOPE we all are) of how technology is going to continue to challenge and change the way education is delivered to students.
But I don’t think any of us quite thought that it would be Facebook that would be at the forefront of graduate education. However, The London School of Business and Finance has announced today a new course that will make its MBA course materials available online for free. Check out the Facebook app here.

The “ivory tower” part of me (yes, I still have a part of that left in me, I can’t help it) makes me want to turn up my nose at the very thought of an MBA that is available through Facebook. But I’m sure, at one point in the past, people scoffed at any educational program that wasn’t held in a stuffy lecture hall. And now that’s all changed.

So what do you think? Is this a flash in the pan or is it a game changer?

(Many thanks to Brett Essler for bringing this to my attention!)