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Univ of Kentucky tries a new marketing effort


Heard of Facebook Places? It’s kind of like Foursquare and Facebook had a baby. Anyway, if you’ve heard of it, you’ve probably also heard all the bad press about it. But, University of Kentucky is trying it out this year.
They’ve made life-size replicas of the blue location markers found in Facebook and planted them all over campus. The idea is that, when students check in to classrooms, lecture halls, or the cafeteria – that will show up in their newsfeeds. And THAT will be seen by all of their younger, high-school-aged friends who sit squarely in the sites of UK’s prospective student recruitment machine.

This actually sounds like a great plan. UK seems to have really thought it through (students check in only to public places, and only during the day. Parties and dorms are not check-in-able. Yes, “check-in-able” is now a word). Can’t wait to see how this initiative turns out.

Full article via AdAge.