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Newark, NJ school to get $100 million from Facebook


Have you seen this? The school system in Newark, NJ is going to get $100 million dollars from Mark Zuckerberg (a founder of Facebook). That is the largest gift to a single school system on record. The fact that is corresponds with the opening of “The Social Network” a movie that portrays him as a selfish, philandering person with questionable business ethics…well, that’s an interesting coincidence, huh?
Mark Zuckerberg and Cory Booker (Mayor of Newark) are appearing today on Oprah. That’s going to be good TV! Ugh, did I just call Oprah “good TV”???

Anyway, since I live and work in New Jersey, I’m so excited to see what changes this is going to bring. Newark has a lot of potential and maybe this gift will help the schools reach it.